Medicar Transportation

Professionally Trained Drivers

Our drivers are put to the test through our training program that includes CPR/First Aid, overdose care, defensive driving, passenger assistance and Medicar Safety.  You can be assured that you or your family member will be in good care during their transport.

Clean Vehicles and Uniformed Drivers

We take pride in our business and the tools of our business.  Our vehicles are inspected daily by the drivers, washed inside and out daily, safety inspected and maintenance weekly by our in-house trained mechanics.  Additionally, we are inspected by state safety lane officials twice per year, audited annually by the state and our contractors and spot checked randomly.

On Time Service

You take appointments seriously and so should we.  Our services strive to meet on-time goals and this means that we will be at our pick-ups no earlier than 15 minutes before or after our given estimated arrival time to get you to your appointment on time.  Unscheduled "will call" return trips will be serviced within 1 hour of the time of call.